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This quarter continues a period of multiple uncertainties and imponderables in the market.

The Russia-Ukraine conflict continues, changing the globalized economic order with new political challenges and shaping market activity and economic development.

Likewise, the Corona pandemic continues to preoccupy the world. Former hopes from vaccine progress are now giving way to the understanding that the virus is here to stay due to repeated mutations.

Inflation picks up momentum and the annual inflation rate now exceeds nine percent in many countries. After the U.S. Federal Reserve, the ECB has now also announced the first concrete interest rate steps, and concerns are growing that central banks could drive the economy into recession - thus adding another catalyst.

Such complexities present investors with the question of how best to position themselves and which approach remains promising in the current environment...


Goran Vasiljevic

Managing Director (CIO)


Dr. Stefan Schüder, CFA

Senior Portfolio Manager


William Herpichböhm, CFA

Portfolio Manager


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