Global Small Cap

Summary of Investment Strategy

This strategy invests in small and mid-sized companies worldwide following our value-oriented and systematic investment approach. It is based on our proprietary stock selection process (CHICCO). The process combines a quantitative stock screening with a subsequent fundamental assessment of all buy candidates. For the small cap space, we also consider additional liquidity criteria. The Global Small Cap Strategy focuses on identifying the most attractive, smaller companies worldwide.

An essential element of the portfolio construction is broad diversification by equal weighting selected stocks. This systematically diversifies opportunities and risks and avoids cluster risks. Country allocation is based on the relative attractiveness of the respective markets. The sector allocation is derived indirectly through the fundamental, bottom-up stock selection process.

The modular structure enables tailor-made portfolios according to individual client needs and investment guidelines.

Investment Profile

Investment universe Approx. 7,000 Global companies (small caps)
Invstment style Value-oriented, active, bottom-up
Number of stocks in portfolio 170-200
Benchmark MSCI AC World Small Cap Net
Inception date August 1, 2018
Currency hedging No
Use of derivatives No
Customized ESG-screens, blacklists can be implemented
Available vehicles Segregated mandate (special fund), mutual fund, private wealth portfolios
Minimum investment (segregated mandate) EUR 20m

Portfolio Managers

The Global Small Cap Strategy is managed by the entire portfolio management team. This includes the quantitative screening as well as the individual stock selection process.


Performance Summary (Composite)

Annualized figures, gross of fess, in EUR (May 31, 2024)

  6 Months 1 Years Since Launch
Global Small Cap Equities 30.63 % 22.66 % 6.43 %
MSCI Small Cap World Net 28.35 % 16.62 % 7.05 %
Active Return 1.78 % 5.18 % -0.58 %

Legal note: Past performance of financial instruments is no guarantee of future results.

Global Small Cap Mutual Fund

Lingohr Global Small Cap

LU1479103126 (R)
LU1479102821 (I)
LU1479103472 (S)


Your Contact Persons

For questions and further information please contact us. We are always and gladly there for you.

Steffen Ulshöfer, Managing Director (COO), , +49 211 95707 - 103

Axel Jelunke, Senior Portfolio Manager, , +49 211 95 707 - 111

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