Lingohr & Partner Asset Management GmbH - data protection principles

Capital investment is a matter of trust. For Lingohr, the protection of privacy rights for customers and partners forms the basis of every business relationship. The following sections explain the principles of data protection we apply during your visits to our website.



Legal protection for the right of the individual to informal self-determination is embedded in various laws on teleservices, the media and national data protection. Our website is naturally provided in accordance with the legislation concerning data protection. Because of our particular obligations, we go beyond them in some respects.



  • You can navigate through our website while remaining anonymous. 
  • These parts of the website in which personal data are recorded are clearly marked. 
  • You decide which personal data we receive. 
  • Employees of Lingohr are bound by the rules of confidentiality. 
  • The security systems on our servers are state-of-the-art. 
  • Data protection is internally checked and guaranteed by a data protection officer who is endowed with the appropriate rights and obligations. 
  • Naturally you have the right to information about any data we store concerning you. 
  • Unless there is a legal obligation to transfer data, we will only pass on your data to third parties outside Lingohr if specifically requested by you to do so. 


Protected areas

Some of our website pages cannot be accessed by the public. In particular, they contain business reports and trustee reports on current funds and other information in respect of our capital investments that needs to be protected. This information is naturally available to you as an investor.


Passing on information to third parties

Any personal data you pass on to us via the Internet will not be made available to other parties by Lingohr provided there is no legal obligation to do so. This is unless you have specifically requested it - perhaps in the context of advice on an investment product.


Privacy And Protection of Personal Information

Lingohr & Partner is committed to maintaining the privacy of any nonpublic information that we obtain about you through your use of the Site. Except as may otherwise be required by law, we will disclose any such information to service providers of Lingohr & Partner GmbH (to the extent permitted by law) and to third parties only to the extent necessary or appropriate for the effective management and administration of Lingohr & Partner GmbH`s operations, the Site, or our investment funds.


Statistical analysis

Within the context of analysing our Internet presence and in the interests of continually improving our website, we collect statistics. These cover, for example, the number of visitors to the site, the pages viewed, which sites visitors came from, the type of browser, date and time the site was accessed and such like. This data makes no reference to personal information.

We only retrieve personal data from the Internet at parts of the site which are clearly labelled. We may for instance record address information when you request a prospectus; this entails the voluntary provision of information. This information is then saved and processed by the company's IT system and is governed by the valid data protection legislation.

We do not pass on information to any third parties, even extracts from it.


The use of cookies

Cookies are small pieces of text information which we use to control our online presence. Access to areas of the website which are not generally accessible is controlled by cookies. We also use cookies to allow the statistical analysis of website activity. Our cookies do not generally include any personal information about you, and thus your privacy remains protected. This only alters when you request our prospectus online and the cookie file can then become part of your personal data. The cookie file only contains information about the partner website from which you accessed our website. If it is used at all, this information is used solely for accounting purposes in respect of our partners.

You can naturally obtain the basic information from our website without using cookies. Most browsers automatically accept cookies, although this function can also be disabled.


Persons to contact regarding data protection issues

The entity responsible in matters of data protection is Lingohr & Partner Asset Management GmbH, Erkrath

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