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A strict, defined investment process, which combines a rule-driven systematic approach with broad diversification across stocks and bonds, forms the basis of long-term capital growth.

The semi-annual rebalancing of the portfolio weights is a periodical and systematic process of realizing gains. 

We discover value investments in a systematic and unemotional way.

"Show me your numbers and I tell you who you are"
- Frank Lingohr -


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The 2-step Investment Process:

1. Step:

Systematic  selection process based on classic value criteria e.g.: Price/Earnings, Dividend Yield, Price/Book, Free Cashflow, Leverage, Profitability etc. in order to discover undervalued investments.

2. Step:

Profound, fundamental analysis of single stocks. We always focus on the plausibility of the balance sheet and the business model, cost structure and the strength of financial sources.

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