Committed to Value Investing

A major success factor of our investment boutique is the identification with and passion to Value Investing of all employees. This is not limited to our portfolio managers but applies to all departments and functions.

We are united by the goal of delivering the best possible investment results to our customers while providing individual service, customer-specific requirements and tailor-made solutions.

In managing the portfolios, the firm follows a team approach. There is no separation or delegation of individual portfolios to any single portfolio manager. Decisions concerning investment strategy or security selection are taken collectively. As such, transparency with respect to decision-making and tracking is an indispensable element.

Our team is characterized by a mixture of long-term experience with different academic backgrounds. Financial market experts, data specialists and software developer form an integrated unit. Our portfolio managers and specialists have an average industry experience of more than 15 years.

Niko Alexopoulos

Chief Compliance Officer

Alexander Brandl

Senior Software Developer

Andreas Detering

Head of Quantitative Research & Data Science

Dana Deusing

Senior Portfolio Manager

Martin Dinslage

Portfolio Implementation Associate

Monika Gutsch


William H. Herpichböhm

Portfolio Manager

Axel Jelunke

Senior Portfolio Manager

Christina Klomfaß

Account Manager Operations

Reinhard Niebuhr

Senior Portfolio Manager

Oliver Nitsch

Portfolio Manager

Josef Park

Head of Operations

Robert Posielek

Head of IT

Wannisa Rassamikaew

Portfolio Manager

Steffen Ulshöfer

Managing Director (COO)

Goran Vasiljevic

Managing Director (CEO, CIO)

Fabian Graf von Einsiedel

Portfolio Manager

Oliver Weiler

Head of Portfolio Implementation

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