L&P Value EM Small Cap

The L&P Value EM Small Cap is an emerging markets, actively managed equity mutual fund. The fund follows a value-oriented and systematic investment approach focusing on small and mid-sized companies. The proprietary stock selection process (CHICCO) forms its basis. The process combines a quantitative stock screening with subsequent fundamental assessment of all buy candidates.

The fund focuses on identifying the most attractive, smaller companies in the developing world. Country allocation is based solely on the relative attractiveness of individual companies. The objective of the investment strategy is to generate above-average returns over the medium- to long-term.

L&P Value EM Small Cap I

L&P Value EM Small Cap I

Fund overview

Currency EUR
Launch date 03.12.18
Minimum investment No
Utilization of Income Income
End of financial year 30.11.
Fund administrator Monega KAG
Custodian / Depository HSBC Trinkaus & Burkhardt AG
Fund Manager Lingohr Asset Management GmbH
Management fee up to 0.60 % p.a.
Performance related fee Maximum 1.5 % of the average value of the Fund
Issuing price surcharge No
Benchmark MSCI Emerging Markets Small Cap Net Index in EUR
Determination of NAV Daily
Cut-off time 10:30 h (Settlement: following day)
Distribution permission Germany
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